While experimenting with color-scheme, I learned about an interesting way to set iframe transparency while fixing Disqus appearance
Capture browser traffic even though Windows Sandbox doesn't allow changing system proxy
Purpose of WSL, issues, tips & tricks that I learned while working with it
Options considered - Windows Sandbox, VM, WSL
Does your text-to-speech extension send selected text to remote service?
Dry instructions for installing & running Postgres on Ubuntu 18 (via WSL)
Learn how to increase confidence that your browser and installed extensions are not leaking your private data in Chromium based browsers.
Small research around using relative urls in structured data
Learn how to analyze and fix structured data on your site for better search engine optimization. This article is focused on improvements that are not obvious after running Lighthouse audit.
Small change in stride chat web client improved my performance by 40%. In this article you'll learn how to start working with chrome extensions & how to upload your extension to chrome store.
Quick look at Reporting API which is supported since Chrome M70, deprecation, intervention & crash reports, network error logging and Report URI dashboard.
Learn how to make your code much easier for reading and writing through management of cyclomatic complexity
Download and/or install programs in similar manner to chocolatey or similar installation managers.
Opinion about how to organize clean and maintainable CSS structure, note about naming conventions, and how one can extend selectors without preprocessors
Simplify your code by writing
an asynchronous code in a synchronous manner